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Exporting & Sharing

Three types of information can be exported from Enigma: table dataside toolbar rankings, and metadata. Table snippets can also be shared with people you know who do not have Enigma logins by sending bits links.


Table Exports*

Enigma allows for 1-click table exports of up to 250,000 rows of data per table. If filters are applied they will carry over and any data filtered out will not be exported. Click the "export" button on the right hand side of the screen just above the rows of data to automatically download a CSV.

For more information, check out our Exporting video.


Side Toolbar Rankings

Only the top 25 results are shown by default. To see the top 500 results click the "Export to CSV" button at the bottom of the ranking.

For more information, see our Side Toolbar Rankings article.



All Table Descriptions and Column Definitions can be exported by clicking the "Full Description" link, found under the title of the table, then clicking the "Export table metadata" link.

 For more information, see our Descriptions article.


API Exports*

Paid subscription accounts offer varying levels of full table exports via the API. 

For information on paid accounts, check out our Plans page.

For information on how to use the API, check out our API Documentation page.


Sharing - Bits Links

Bits links allow users to send snippets of interesting information they've found to friends and colleagues who have not signed up for Enigma accounts. To send a Bits link click the "share" button on the far right hand side of the screen, above the rows of data, then copy and paste the provided URL into your message. 

Bits links are also great for tweeting! If you come across any noteworthy information let us know by tagging tweets with our handle, @enigma_io

Barack Obama and Bill Gates have already tweeted some of our Enigma Labs creations, join the party on Twitter!


 *The availability of this feature and the amount of data available for export depends on the users' subscription level. For more specific information please consult our Plans page or contact us at support@enigma.io.

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