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Applying Filters

Filters are one of the most powerful ways to find the information you're looking for in Enigma. Here we discuss the various types of filters and how to operate them.

Note: All of the Advanced Search Operators work in filters the same way they work in search. For a complete list check out our Advanced Search page.


Whole Table Filters

To filter an entire table for a certain entity, regardless of the column, click the "Add Filter" button found on the left hand side of the screen just above the rows of data. A text box will appear where you enter the term you wish to filter by and click the "Filter" button.

Once the filter is entered an updated row count is displayed and a marker with the details of the filter appears in the bar next to the "Apply Filter" button.

Clicking the [X] on the filter marker will remove the filter. Clicking elsewhere on the marker will allow the user to change the filter input or choose a specific column to apply the filter to. More on this below.


Specific Column Filters

To filter a specific column using the method described above, click on the filter marker and select the appropriate column you wish to filter.

Alternatively, the user can apply a filter directly from the column header by clicking the ellipses, typing the filter term where it reads, "filter this column..." and clicking the Funnel Icon to the left.


The user can also click directly on any of the top six terms in the Frequency Count to automatically filter the column by that term.


Numeric Filters

Numeric Filters work exactly the same way as text filters but with the added mathematical aspects. Users can filter for values Equal ToGreater ThanLess Than, or Between using the corresponding buttons between the Funnel Icon and the text entry field.

For details about the other information presented in this view please see our Frequency Count article.  


Date Filters

All Date columns can be filtered by dragging the slider, clicking a specific date on the calendar, or manually typing in the desired range. Once the proper range is selected click the Funnel Icon to apply the date filter.


Filter Troubleshooting

Anytime a filter is added to a specific column the user should do a Frequency Count to ensure only the desired items remain in the column. For example: filtering a Company Name column for "apple" would leave both Apple Inc. and Big Apple Circus. 

If a frequency rank reveals unwanted items remaining in the column the user can adjust their filter term to be more specific. For more guidance on these issues please email us at support@enigma.io. or post a question in our Community Forum.

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