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Given the broad collection of datasets in the Enigma system, users are bound to find themselves looking at data from sources outside their realm of expertise. Table & Column Descriptions give context to each table so the user can understand even the most complex or obscure datasets.

Table Descriptions

Beneath the title of every table is a brief description which offers insight into the source or details about the contents of the data below.


Clicking the "Full Description" link presents a page with richer detail, including a longer description as well as a row count, date of last update, a link to the source, and a link to download all metadata in a CSV.


Column Descriptions

Scrolling down in the Full Description window brings the user to a full list of column names with definitions. 

Definitions for a specific column are found by clicking the ellipses on the column header and choosing "Column Description" from the Quick Stats or Frequency Count window.

If any table descriptions or column definitions are missing or incorrect please email support@enigma.io and we will correct it immediately.

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