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Difficult Search Types & Tips

Not all searches return satisfactory or straightforward results on the first try. Here are some common search issues and suggestions on how to tweak your search to find the information you're looking for.



Problem:  Not finding the person you're looking for, or unsure if the results you see are someone with the same name or your actual target.

Tip:  Experiment with putting the name in quotation marks, varying the order of first and last name, and trying common name variations (for example: William, Bill, Billy). 

It can be difficult to ensure that the information you see corresponds to the actual person you are looking for. However, datasets often contain supplemental information, such as company names or addresses, which can help confirm an individual's identity.



Problem:  Searching for an address you know exists not yielding any satisfactory results.

Tip:  Similar to the difficulty with names, addresses are often recorded with inconsistent naming conventions depending on the source.

Experiment with your searches by using both abbreviations and fully spelled out addresses (for example: "boulevard" or "blvd").



Problem:  Searching for a company you know exists not yielding any satisfactory results.

Tip:  Try putting the name in quotes and using the other Advanced Search Operators. It can also be helpful to experiment with dropping or adding common company prefixes and suffixes such as: The, Inc., Co., or LLC.


For more guidance on these issues please email us at support@enigma.io. or post a question in our Community Forum.

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