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How can I use Enigma to find information?

Users can access information from Enigma via our Web Application or through our API.

Web Application

Researchers, analysts, and journalists use Enigma’s web application to search and browse our vast databases. By fully indexing every dataset, this tool allows its users to find, discover, and connect data points into rich portraits of companies, individuals, and geographies. Have a look for yourself by signing up here: https://app.enigma.io/signup

API Access

Enigma’s API provides a backbone for developers looking to power their applications at any scale. Our wide array of data touches on most verticals, consolidating the number of sources users can engage with, and exposing them to new data possibilities.

Customized feeds of public data supplement existing proprietary sources in business operations. Applications in underwriting, investing, insurance and marketing make Enigma the content arm of the big data movement. Once you've signed up for an account you check out the documentation here: https://app.enigma.io/api

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