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Advanced Search Tips

Basic Search Tips

The more succinct and specific your search terms are, the more assured you can be of finding what you are looking for. Rather than phrasing your search query as a question, try searching for either a source of data or a particular entity and using filters to reach the specific information you want.

For example: If I'm looking for Government Spending Contracts for Boeing it is best to search for "Boeing" and navigate to the appropriate database instead of searching "Boeing Government Contracts. Check out the Navigating Results section for a more in depth description.

The other approach is to navigate to the US Government Spending Contracts database then filter for Boeing. Check out the Filtering Datasets video for a lesson on how to apply filters.


Advanced Search Operators

Enigma allows for a variety of advanced search operators. If you have any questions regarding Advanced Search Operators please email us at support@enigma.io

Query Matches

Return entries with:

"Federal Express" The Federal Express Nothing between my search terms.
Fedex | "Federal Express" Fedex or Federal Express Either of these search terms.
Federal  -Express The Federal Reserve Bank My first search term (mandatory), excluding entries with the second search term.
^Federal Federal Department of Corrections Anything beginning with "Federal"
Express$ New Dehli Express Anything ending with "Express"
^Federal Express$ Federal Patent Filing Express Anything between my search terms, so long as the entry begins with the first term and ends with the second term.
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